Halkidiki & Sithonia

Visit the second peninsula of Halkidiki (Sithonia), the traditional village of N.Parthenonas, N. Marmaras, the Porto Carras Resort and the harbor of Porto Koufo.

Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki very well known for its natural beauty. Touring Sithonia you can admire endless majestic landscapes, wonderful golden beaches, picturesque little harbors, bays next to olive plantations and deep green forests, peaceful fishers' villages and also the amazing architecture of houses and churches. The visitor will find a great number of luxury hotel units, camping, and nightlife and despite the great number of tourists, the visitor can enjoy every kind of tourism.

N. Parthenonas is a traditional village with rare architectural and housing formation which keeps the resemblance of a village of the past century. It is located 5 km north of Neos Marmaras and 350m above sea level and remained untouched from the modern building techniques. Many historical sources mainly Byzantine, speak about Parthenona from the 10th century ac.

N. Marmaras is a seaside fishers' Village of Sithonia found at a distance of 125km from Thessaloniki. It is build amphitheatrically on the top of three hills which belong to the mountain Itamos and it appears like an island.

Porto Carras Grand Resort is one of northern Greece's largest and most famous hotels and holiday resorts covering an area of 475,000 m² with a lot of comforts. Porto Carras is home to the biggest private marina in northern Greece and one of the largest in South Eastern Europe.

Porto Koufo is a beautiful area with the largest and safest natural harbor in Greece with maximum depth 8.2m. The name was mentioned by Thucydides and on the south-eastern side of the entrance the visitor can enter by boat.