Dion & Olympus

Visit the archaeological site at Dion and the traditional village of Litochoro, walk in the Enipeas gorge in Mount Olympus and visit the Monastery of Agios Dionisios.

At about 100 km southwest of Thessaloniki, rests the ancient town of Dion. At the foot of Mount Olympus, which with 2.917m in height is the highest mountain in Greece, you can visit the archeological site full of remains, dated all the way back to 300 B.C., including an amphitheater, baths, Macedonian tombs and several sanctuaries with the one dedicated to Zeus standing out as the city was named after this mythical god (Zeus: Dias).

You may also visit the nearby museum full of the artifacts found in the area. Many statues of great archeological and artistic importance from the Macedonian times as well as other findings from Roman and first Christian times are on display, among others, which are considered to be an important piece of Greek heritage and culture.

A bit farther to the south is the next stop, the beautiful village of Litochoro, which is located right between the lower slopes of Mount Olympus from the west and the sea from the east. Almost all of the hiking expeditions to Mount Olympus begin from there, from the moderate difficulty paths, up to the more difficult and dangerous.

You may follow a part of the most famous, hiking right beside river Enipeas through the beautiful scenery of the surrounding gorge, before ending up to the monastery of Agios Dionisios.