Visit the unique rock formations and the Holy Monasteries of Meteora near Kalampaka.

Near the town of Kalambaka at about 200 km southwest of Thessaloniki, is the Meteora area. Meteora, meaning ┬┤suspended in the air┬┤, is an area full of rock formations shaped in large pillars of great height, some up to 500 m.

Several monasteries have been built on top of some of these pillars, with the building materials moved piece by piece under extremely difficult conditions over almost vertical and steep slopes. The exact time of these monasteries were built is unknown but estimated around the fifteenth century.

Today just six of them still stand. The view is breathtaking and the earth is formatted in such a way that the whole area seems not of this world, as if hanging from the sky, thus the Meteora name. A place to be visited and remembered a long after departure.