Edessa Pella Vergina

Visit the Royal Tombs (the tomb of Philipos II) in Vergina, the Waterfalls in the city of Edessa and the archaeological site in Pella.

Vergina is the first stop of this trip, and is a stop full of natural beauty and an archeological site of great importance. Conveniently located about 80 km west of Thessaloniki it is easily accessible by car and its archeological area and museum are considered of greatest importance in all of Greece and regarded by UNESCO as a site of World Heritage. There you can visit, among others, the tomb of King Phillipos II, father of Alexander the Great, as well as tombs of other dignitary Macedonians almost completely untouched. You can also visit the museum, full of the tombs findings, complete works of art made of gold, dated 300 B.C.

TNext stop and more to the north, is Edessa with its waterfalls, the biggest in Greece. The waterfalls surrounded by beautiful native vegetation and old forests are located at the many springs of Edessaios river. You can also visit the trout farms and taste local trout dishes.

Last but not least, we visit the city of Ancient Pella, by moving back east towards Thessaloniki. The capitol of ancient Macedonia, after Vergina in 410 B.C. until the Romans conquered Macedonia and eventually Pella in 168 B.C. Large parts of the palace and some parts of the outer city, including temples, tombs and of course the Agora, have been uncovered through decades of archeological expeditions with stunning results. Ancient Greek craft at its best is found all over the sight, from floor mosaics to wall murals.